Sunday, October 2, 2016

Nicky Skopelitis - Ekstasis (1993)

I don't have time the time or energy to write an adequate description of this striking aural tapestry, helmed by Greek guitarist Nicky Skopelitis and co-produced by Bill Laswell, so I'll just say that it has something to do with acid jazz and world fusion, and it's fucking great.

Track listing:
1. Tarab
2. Meet Your Maker
3. Ghost of a Chance
4. Proud Flesh
5. Sanctuary
6. One Eye Open
7. Heresy
8. Jubilee
9. Witness
10. Telling Time

Spirit spore flash

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  1. very awesome posts lately! and i must say thank you, your blog practically introduced me to black metal and dark ambient.

  2. For a while, Nick was in Material with Laswell. He's a very fine guitarist.

  3. Thank you. Laswell's productions are usually interesting.