Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mourning Noise - Dawn of the Dead (1982)

A killer 7" of old-school horror punk from the relatively short-lived, Jersey-based Mourning Noise. They were clearly Misfits fans, but added some welcome atmospheric elements -- organ, oscillating synth, and surfy, reverb-drenched clean guitar leads.

I thought about posting Death Trip Delivery, which compiles everything they ever recorded, but Dawn of the Dead gets buried 13 tracks deep, and I'm convinced that it's the best starting point for this band, so here we are. I guess if you love this and want more, just lemme know in the comments and I'll post a link.

Track listing:
1. Dawn of the Dead
2. Fighting Chance
3. Laser Lights
4. Demon Eyes
5. Addiction

Death surrounds him

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  1. Please do post Death Trip Delivery! And also pretty please go back to Zippyshare :)

    1. Boom:
      And I didn't really switch -- there was night last week where I was writing a bunch of posts but Zippyshare wasn't working for some reason.

  2. Man, I fucking love your blog

  3. Thanks for this, and for posting up that discography too. A fun listen indeed. Keep killing it.