Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Padded Cell - Night Must Fall (2008)

Man, there was a time when OPIUM HUM turned into a 100% Halloween-themed blog for the entire month of October. I'd even change the header and background images. This year, I can scarcely be bothered to post a dark ambient record. I'm slipping, you guys, but there's still time to turn this ship around and head for spookier, bloodier waters.

In that spirit, here's some dark, horror-inspired, instrumental electro-disco. Due to its danceability, synth- and processed vocals-heavy sound, Night Must Fall reads as electronic music, but there's plenty of creepy, angular guitar lines, live drums, and some skronking saxophone -- not to mention the fact that every song is built on an electric bass groove. Then, when the guest vocalist comes in, you realize that if the synths were replaced by a vocalist, Padded Cell would prob be a post-punk band.

Track listing:
1. Moon Menace II
2. Savage Skulls
3. Faces of the Forest
4. Word of Mouth
5. Beautiful Gloom
6. Far Beneath London
7. Konkorde Lafayette
8. My Children Sleep Next to the Echo Chamber
9. City of Lies
10. Triple X Syndrome
11. Are You Anywhere?
12. Night Must Fall
13. Signal Failure

Night rider

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