Saturday, October 22, 2016

Prophet Posse - Body Parts (1998)

Indo G - Angel Dust (1998)
The Khaze - Kamakazie Timez Up (1998)

Sick-ass Memphis horrorcore/gangsta rap featuring pretty much everyone on the Prophet Entertainment roster at the time. Samples Portishead's "Humming" and the same string source as "Bittersweet Symphony" within the first two tracks.

Track listing:
1. Talkin' Shit
2. Triple Six Club House
3. Murderer, Robber
4. Orange Mound
5. Left 'Em Dead
6. Nothin' But Pimp Shit
7. 'Bout the South
8. Turn into Killaz
9. 'Notha Nigga Car/Clothes
10. Drinkin' n' Thinkin'
11. Wha's Next
12. Favorite Scary Movie
13. Catch a Blast
14. Judgement Night
15. All for One
16. Smoke Out, Loced Out
17. Bullet with Yo Name on It
18. Bitches on My Jock
19. After Dark
20. Life in Bondage

Six shots from the glock, left them dead

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  1. Is there anything cooler than 90s Memphis underground stuff? Me thinks not. Thanks again for the link to the defunct site you posted many moons ago.