Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mercenárias - Cadê As Armas? (1986)

Hella tight, all-female Brazilian post-punk. How in the fuck did I not know about this band?

Track listing:
1. Me Perco
2. Polícia
3. Imagem
4. Inimigo
5. Pânico
6. Amor Inimigo
7. Loucos Sentimentos
8. Labirintos
9. Além acima
10. Santa Igreja

Time bomb

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  1. Magnific lp, paired with Gang of Four!

  2. Someone put the song Policia on a mix tape for me years ago but I could not remember the name of the band or the song and always wanted to find it again, so thanks! This is an incredible record.

    Been checking in on your blog daily for some time now. You do a great job, so keep on. Thanks again,


  3. I have no idea about the band, but the picture shows an argentinian bank note, as can be seen due to the hands and the frigian hut... The titles are indeed portuguese or brasilian...
    I like your blog!
    Tks - Carlos

  4. Hello, the zip file is empty thanks

    1. Hmm, just downloaded and unzipped it, the songs are all there, probably a problem on your end. All the songs are short so it's a really small zip file...

    2. oddly, this one isn't working for me either. Just grabbed a few things from here and they all work. tried this one twice and i get an empty folder. not too worried about it, but just thought I'd mention having the same trouble.


    3. Very strange. Just uploaded a new zip file, maybe this one'll work? Thanks for letting me know either way:

  5. Brazilian band Metá Metá (also worthy to check out) released a cover of their song "Me Perco" last year:

  6. Same than Carlos, I noticed the Argentine coat of arms haha... The files are ok here btw.
    I enhoy your blog, the mix of metal and non-metal is interesting. Feel free to check mine: