Sunday, October 30, 2016

Black Devil - Disco Club (1978)

A lost masterpiece of spooky, horror-synth-fueled disco. This record is perfect in every way, and anyone who disagrees is definitely reading the wrong blog.

Track listing:
1. "H" Friend
2. Timing, Forget the Timing
3. One to Choose
4. We Never Fly Away Again
5. Follow Me
6. No Regrets

Witching hour

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  1. THIS ALL DAY. I got this off the olde Cosmic Hearse, and blast it on the regular.

  2. i'm definitely at the right blog, this is killer.

    also, cosmic hearse! :'(

  3. Now this right here... is why I spend time in the turgid depths of the Internet. Material like this makes it all worth it.