Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Devotion - Ceremonial Rituals of Demonic Chaos (2013)

Rituals of a Blasphemer - Mors Inumbratus Supra Spritus (2014)

US black/death. Power-chord riffs, gnarly guitar tone, slow-blasts aplenty, and of course, Satan. Don't ask me how Rituals of a Blasphemer is from Mexico while Black Devotion is from the US -- I'm going by what I see on Metal Archives.

Track listing:
1. Blood Flows from Saints and Their Lord
2. As Kingdoms Burn
3. Holocaust of Holy Vermin, Victory of the Satanic Race
4. Blessed with the Blood of the Sacrifice
5. Doctrine of the Serpent
6. Ceremonial Rituals of Demonic Chaos
7. Apocalyptic Destruction of Heaven
8. Womb of Shadows (Birth of the Antichrist)
9. Demonic Witching Hour, Mockery of the Holy Trinity
10. Command, Conquer, Destroy

Prophets of the black arts

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