Thursday, October 13, 2016

Eternal Elysium - Spiritualized D (2000)

Japanese stoner doom. Heavy, sleazy riffage, deep clean vocals that at times, to these ears, invoke the almighty Alice in Chains (if your snobby ass hasn't figured out how great they are, that's on you, not me), and a strong presence of the very best kind of aural cheese.

Track listing:
1. W.T.G.B.
2. Splendid, Selfish Woman
3. Floating Downer
4. Trick or Steal
5. What a Difference a Day Makes
6. Stone Wedge
7. Easygoin'
8. Innocent Exile
9. Faithful '99
10. [Hidden bonus track]

Fairies never sleep

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  1. oh man, how come this slipped my radar 15 years ago?!! GREAT heavy rockin' stuff. yes, i sorta agree with de AIC comparison, at least vocal-wise and thanks to a few guitar solos. but this is closer to, say, Cathedral, Count Raven, Obsessed, Penance, Valhall, Agents of Oblivion, Internal Void and all those 90s-era doomers. maybe a bit of the Melvins in there, too. or Kyuss. A golden era for me, because you could count great doom bands with your fingers, whereas nowadays they're a dime a dozen, and i'm not really that interested anymore... E.E. seems to be much more dynamic to my ears than Church of Misery, btw:there seems to be a lot going on within each and every song, lots of movements, lots of structres and 'chapters', etc... In fact, speaking of Japanese rocknroll, these guys sure come across as a modernized version of that insane 70s power trio: Speed, Glue and Shinki! as usual, great stuff!!

  2. Link is either dead or I've reached uložto's limit at one. I'll try again tomorrow...


    ps - great blog here. Thanks!