Sunday, October 16, 2016

Equimanthorn - Lectionum Antiquarum (1999)

Black Seas of Infinity - AMRITA: The Quintessence (2007)

Lo-fi ritualistic dark ambient. Sinister, whispered incantations, unsettling tape loops, intermittent percussion, and droning, doom-like guitars. Though it compiles tracks from three early demos, Lectionum Antiquarum plays like an album. Great for invoking the unknowable black spirits of the nocturnal void, or just getting high at 3 in the morning 'cause for once you don't have to work OR go to school tomorrow.

Track listing:
1. Our Master Aki
2. Rite of Exorcism
3. Black Mountain of the North
4. Our Master Nergal
5. Lord of Chaos
6. The Serpentines of the 10th Emanation
7. The Acrid Caverns of Masshu
8. The 131st Spell of Ninazu
9. The 7th Day of Damu's Journey
10. The Other Approach of Ningishzidda

We wait for the ancient elders
We wait for them to speak
They speak in tongues

Further listening:
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for the Prince


  1. Currently closing up my coffin to this. Thanks!

  2. ...INCREDIBLE sharing, KILLER quality, darkest regards!!!! HAILS!!!

  3. Thanks for this and Abruptum links.