Saturday, November 5, 2016

Brats - 1980 Brats (1980)

King Diamond - The Eye (1990)
Mercyful Fate - Return of the Vampire (1992)

Brats were a short-lived band whose only LP is a killer fusion of punk, hard rock, and heavy metal. Despite the record's awesomeness, it likely would have faded into utter obscurity (as opposed to semi-obscurity) if, shortly after it came out, then-guitarist/vocalist Hank Shermann hadn't recruited a young King fucking Diamond to take over lead vocal duties, thereby planting the seeds for Mercyful fucking Fate.

Track listing:
1. Oy-905
2. Tame Me (Insomniac)
3. B-Brains
4. Punk Fashion
5. Complex (Don't Destroy Me)
6. Fuel
7. Heavy Rocker
8. Pinned on My Eyelids
9. Sense My Boy
10. Ogcah Ghaszlihr
11. Accepted
12. Zombie People

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