Friday, November 4, 2016

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Die Verbannten Kinder Evas (1995)

Summoning - Nightshade Forests (1997)
Summoning - Oath Bound (2006)

Austrian darkwave/neoclassical. Dramatic, fantastical classical pieces -- in the way that black metal intro tracks might be considered "classical pieces" -- performed on cheap-sounding keyboards whose cheesiness is counteracted by haunting, ethereal male-and-female vocals that hang like sorrowful spectres overhead.

Track listing:
1. Einleitung
2. The Serpent's Voice
3. Darkened Skies
4. Quod Olim Erat
5. Beneath the Veil of the Ocean
6. Requiem
7. May No Tears Stain This Holy Ground
8. The Messenger
9. Futile Belief
10. Reflection Beyond Boundaries
11. Craving Dreams
12. Shadowvale
13. Withering Existence
14. Das Letzte Kapitel

Through the seas of death

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  1. Quite a few great bands coming from Iceland. Forgardur Helvitis are still my favorite Icelanders although they haven't released anything or played live for ages. I quite liked Svartidaudi's "Flesh Cathedral" too.

  2. What a wonderful band! Thanks a lot