Friday, November 3, 2017

Black Candle - Lost Light of the North (2016)

Luxembourgish raw black metal. Esoteric, occult sounds feels via a barebones, minimalistic approach. As featured at #39 on the year-end list I made last December.

Track listing:
1. You Are... Nothingness
2. Leschten Akt - Vereenegt Geint Junger vun der Oraifaltegkeet an Hire Patreiner vun de Schwaine
3. Portal in the Woods
4. In the Ghost Mountain
5. Dommedag - Oeres Sistes Natt
6. D‘Wiese vun der Nuecht – Wann déi Wäiss Engele Falen
7. Gray Ritual

I am addicted to the darkness

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