Monday, November 13, 2017

New Cult of the Sun Moon - New Cult of the Sun Moon (2002)

Reformed Faction - Vota (2006)

A sprawling double-album of hella stoned ambient tribal. Gauzy, textural drones, warped voices, minimal rhythmic mantras, and digital glitch. Possibly a bit demanding for those of you with short attention spans, so I recommend getting really, really high before and while listening.

Tracks on Disc 1 called "Sun Phase 1" through "Sun Phase 11", tracks on Disc 2 called "Moon Phase 1" through "Moon Phase 6"

Good morning...
... and good night

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  1. The whole getting high thing is working.

  2. ...Somehow missed this one in the whole, post-Zoviet-France sweepstakes.