Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pisschrïst - Nothing Has Changed (2006)

Australian d-beat. "Blood Bled Dry" features the only whistling lead I've ever heard on a crust record. A bit of a Motörhead vibe (or "Wild West d-beat" as my homie Zack calls it) but really, this is straightforward, ripping d-beat that I was too busy being a dumb snob to get into when everyone else was.

Track listing:
1. Who Is to Blame
2. Mass Genocide Machine
3. System Stagnates
4. Fight Back
5. Pecah Kepalla
6. Blood Bred Dry
7. The River Runs Red
8. Chemical Warfare
9. Nothing Has Changed
10. Fuck the World
11. Hilong
12. Infected
13. Tamadun

Neverending nightmare

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1 comment:

  1. Straight bangers! Relentless d beat with expressive snare work. Get this shit, THERE'S A FUCKING WHISTLE SOLO!