Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Oppenheimer Analysis - New Mexico (1982)

Truly phenomenal English synthpop/minimal wave. Really, some of the best of its kind. I know nothing about this band, but I know that thousands of today's hipsters wish they could make an album this good.

Track listing:
1. Don't Be Seen with Me
2. Scorpions
3. Radiance
4. Men in White Coats
5. Modern Wonder
6. Subterranean Desire
7. Martyr
8. The Devil's Dancers
9. New Mexico
10. Security Risk
11. Behind the Shadesw
12. Cold War

What's the use of being free?
All that's left is you and me

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  1. Definitely in the top 3 releases of the genre; thank you fro the share!

    1. what are the other two?!?! I want to hear them now.

  2. O.K., you got my attention with your first 2 words. Got to give it a listen. Many thanks.


  3. thank you for sharing!! 谢谢你!

  4. Thank you! I never heard this....