Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fleurety - Min Tid Skal Komme (1995)

Norwegian black metal with progressive tendencies. Long songs with some odd, almost jazz-like melodies, and haunting clean vocals to tie the room together. I only just found out about this band via their (great) new album, so now I'm playing catch-up.

Track listing:
1. Fragmenter av en Fortid
2. En Skikkelse i Horisonten
3. Hvileløs
4. Englers Piler Har Ingen Brood
5. Fragmenter av en Fremtid

Ambitions of the dead

Also listen to:
Enthral -
Prophecies of the Dying (1997)
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Loreia (1997)


  1. Ved Buens Ende is very similar and highly recommended

  2. LANDMARK album! They actually just put out one of my favorite albums this year (with Carl-Michael Eide performing bass and some vocals! whoa)