Monday, November 6, 2017

Prizehog - Re-Unvent the Whool (2014)

US art-sludge. Prizehog's deconstructed, psychedelic, often weirdly beautiful approach to sludge puts them in the company of bands like Melvins and Boris while carving out their own undeniably singular niche. An absurdly underrated record from one of Portland's finest.

Track listing:
1. Parradiggum
2. Whoady
3. Shed
4. Awsme Bube
5. Irrevelant
6. Gnumskull, the Ruler
7. Direction to the Valley

Triple lies and neckties divide
This will be his size

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  1. A Talking To is a great release as well

    My gripe with this album — though I do think it's really good — is that the production is just a little too harsh/busy. It kinda buries a lot of the nuance. And for the love of god the alarm sound effect on Whoady makes the first two minutes of that song literally unlistenable.

    1. You're definitely not alone. I personally dig the sensory overload, but it can be an exhausting listen.

  2. The alarm thing at their shows always was something special..