Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Karin Krog, Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow, & Jon Christensen - We Could Be Flying (1975)

Steve Kuhn Trio - Three Waves (1966)
Steve Kuhn - Trance (1975)
Harry Pepl, Harry Joos, & Jon Christensen - Cracked Mirrors (1988)
Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal, & Jon Christensen - The Sea (1995) + The Sea II (1998)

A solid-gold nugget of space-age jazz. Norwegian singer Karin Krog is front-and-center, while the rest of the band provides a seemingly endless supply of loose, propulsive, hella chill grooves and slowburners.

Track listing:
1. We Could Be Flying
2. Meaning of Love
3. Sometime Ago
4. All I Want
5. Sing Me Softly of the Blues
6. Raindrops, Raindrops
7. Lament
8. Hold Out Your Hand
9. Time to Go

A new kind of light surrounds us all

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  1. Now THIS Record's somewhat Special to me, Coming from Norway, and in general not so Big Fan of Karin Krog when I found the material that I've heard a bit Overrated.
    However; I've known about this Record for Decades. The Original pressings' been sold for SILLY Money to Vinyl-Collectors these days (If there's one available.). But I've avoided it so far because of the reasons that I mentioned. But actually searching for something else that I've forgotten what was at the moment, this popped up and I thought "Waddahell; isn't it time to give it a try by now?". And guess Fxxx'in What: It's GREAT! It IS The Classic that It's said to be,
    and I LOVE it, and feeling like a Goddamn FOOL!I even stumbled across a fair priced 2nd hand Reissue here earlier this spring, and Passed on it. DOUBLE WHAMMY!
    Well; So much for Biased attitudes (Musically) that sticks until they grow moss.Well; to my own defence: Maybe not THAT bad. It's more like that the "Nah, I'll pass" did become a habit through the decades.
    THANK YOU for Posting This!