Friday, November 17, 2017

Low - The Curtain Hits the Cast (1996)

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My favorite record by early-20s-me's favorite band. The Curtain Hits the Cast represents the end of the first era of Low -- marked by uniformly sparse, slow tunes -- after which they'd start fleshing things out instrumentally and, eventually, writing pop-like songs now and then. Thus, the only major difference between this and their first two records is that practically every song on here is among the best they've written. But the less I write about this record, the better, as I'm just gonna heap praise on it until it can't possibly live up to your expectations.

Track listing:
1. Anon
2. The Plan
3. Over the Ocean
4. Mom Says
5. Coattails
6. Standyby
7. Laugh
8. Lust
9. Stars Gone Out
10. Same
11. Do You Know How to Waltz?
12. Dark

One more dance before they take away the light
One more spin around the line
One more step and then we'll turn and face the debt
One more reason to forget

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  1. I'm about 98% on this blog every day for the metal stuff but Low has been one of the non-metal bands I've really gotten into after discovering it here (Mojave 3 is another.) The Murderer EP in particular just takes me to another fucking place. Thanks for posting!

    1. So glad to hear it, this band is really special to me

    2. YES, the Murderer EP is fucking amazing and features the BEST versions of the title track and Silver Rider. I've grown to find the Finally EP to have some of their best non-album material. Turning Over? Breaks my heart EVERY TIME. Alan and I talked about it last time he was in town and he admitted he took the main riff from Metallica's "One" and reversed it.

  2. This is my favorite Low record, too. (Although TRUST is a close 2nd.) I remember the first time I ever heard "Do You Know How to Waltz?" and thinking, "Man, they could keep this drone-out thing going for like 10 minutes and I'd be perfectly happy." Done and done. Glad there are new ears that will get to hear this.

  3. Dude just a seasonal reminder that you do humanity a great job by providing an amazing musical palette. The weird and appreciate parts of humanity of course ;)

    Thank you!

  4. yes... i had the same experience with this music... and agree with your opinion wholeheartedly... buy Viagra now, and some other amazing medication and discover a world barely real thru my link to like-minded people. ( just kidding... this album is my favourite of them all... and Barely Real by Codeine) sex is dead?...bye Viagra!... buy this!

  5. Absolutely, 100% the best band in the fucking universe, and Alan Sparhawk is by far the coolest guy I've ever met.

  6. As a drummer myself, I marvel at the skillful deliberateness of Mimi's drumming. It simply couldn't have been played any other way...Brilliant performance and album.