Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bowery Electric - Beat (1996)

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A mesmerizing shoegaze/space rock/trip-hop hybrid. At times it's dark and drugged-out, elsewhere it's bright and warm, with the constant pulse of downtempo beats and a droning wall of guitars and synth.

Track listing:
1. Beat
2. Empty Words
3. Without Stopping
4. Under the Sun
5. Fear of Flying
6. Looped
7. Black Light
8. Inside Out
9. Coming Down
10. Postscript
11. Low Density

Everybody wants to go home

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  1. I heard this years ago and don't remember it at all, but I think I liked it. Thanks for the chance to hear it again.


  2. Thanks mena supergrup ambien and trip shoegazee